New or updated items

Deflection of beams
Some pages on the theoretical and technical aspects of springing

Scalefour Digest
Two sections on some fundamentals

Scalefour Digest 1.2
P4 Track and Wheel Standards

Scalefour Digest 41.0
The principles of model locomotive suspension

3rd and 4th rail dimensions and settings

An illustrated and dimensioned guide to conductor rails

Useful data

Workshop practice
A series of articles and practical hints for the newcomer wishing to get involved with kit and scratch building. The more experienced may gain ideas too.

Some work in progress on Tony Wilkins' layout

(a few progress pictures)

Pictures at exhibitions

From Dawn Till Dusk  (pics from Scaleforum 2006)

Livery information

LSWR and SR liveries

2nd generation multiple unit bogies and Bill Bedford plastic gearboxes

Drilling jig for the consistent setting of Scalefour Society conductor rail support components in trackwork

Micromotor suite
Some pages centred around the use of Nigel Lawton micromotors The content of these pages is likely to be rejigged in the future.
Constructional articles