A few wagon buffers

by Russ Elliott
These non-sprung wagon buffers modify parts provided in kits, using turned plastic rod, to attempt to capture the different diameters of the body and head shanks of some 1'8½" Oleo/Dowty types.

The wagons are: Red Panda Lowfit (below); Red Panda Shocvan (right); Parkside Vanwide (below right).

Diameters used for the body and head shanks are given in the Lowfit picture, but I'm not sure how prototypically correct they are.

The buffer heads fitted were some spare Slaters 12" diameter ones, but they should be 13" diameter (available from MJT – pack ref: 2371).

MJT does BR sprung Oleo buffers for 1'8½" and 2'0½" types with either 13" or 18" heads, but these feature the standard small (0.95mm) MJT shank diameter.

© Russ Elliott

January 2005