BR plank-sided Shock Open

by Simon Dunstall

The Parkside kit (PC28) for the BR Shock Open can be used to build wagons corresponding to various BR diagrams.

The body mouldings on the kit are crisp and accurate for the prototype. The tarpaulin bar can be replaced with metal rod for better strength and shape, and the circular rope cleats on lower planks were not always fitted. Many wagons had lamp irons placed low down on the ends.

A diagram 1/056 vehicle with BR 8-shoe brakes can be built by combining the kit with a Red Panda BR clasp-braked underframe. This photo shows such a model after painting but prior to weathering. The buffers are ABS Oleos and are not sprung on this wagon. However, I invariably convert all ABS buffers to sprung buffers (using MJT heads and springs) nowadays. The bottom ends of the brake safety loops should be higher up, closer to the tie-rods: successors to this wagon are better in this respect!

There are quite a few published photos of shock opens, Cheona's Profile #1 being a good place to start, and there are a selection of pictures on Paul Bartlett's BR wagons pictures.

© Simon Dunstall

December 1998