From Dawn Till Dusk

by Russ Elliott
pictures from Scaleforum 2006
pics by Russ Elliott unless otherwise indicated
Traders' carpark, Saturday morning, 8.00 a.m.

From left to right, David Sutton, Barry Hodge, Aryan Snowshill, and Dave Carter – some of the Adavoyle crew busy themselves in Adavoyle's fiddle yard before the show opens

The area in front of David is Flurry Bridge station. It was originally intended to be another fiddle yard linking the two branch lines, but was given some scenic treatment at Martin Wynne's suggestion.

The Stapleton crew finish dressing their stand

Chris Longley tackles a recalcitrant coupling on Corrieshalloch

Traders share a joke at the Parkside stand before opening

Alan Gibson and his crew take the opportunity to have a cup of local-brew coffee before the show opens

A spot of last-minute highspeed paintbrush work on Brinkley

Jon Chamberlain, Ian Everett's regular operating partner, installs a last minute safety mod to the Humber Dock layout platform

Ian Everett conducting his first trains on Humber Dock, early Saturday morning

David Geen catches the early morning sun

Tony Miles
Don Kalber, perhaps remembering his late friend Bernard Weller

Hubert Carr and Don Kalber on the Model Railway Developments stand

Jigs, jigs and more jigs (on the Hobby Holidays stand)

Martin Finney and Len Newman conferring

Cida Earl dispensing tickets as the show opens...

Brinkley's 1 in 37 incline is a severe test, and is likely to be eased in a future rebuild

Jo Pearce

Mike Sharman, and (right) with Hilary

Roger Sawyer and his Emporium

Hubert Carr and Don Rowland have a natter

The Lee-on-Solent crew busy themselves behind the layout

DRAGster Rod Cameron in full schmooze mode

John Brighton demonstrating

From left to right, Tony Wilkins, Paul Moore, Terry Bendall and Hywel Rees

Demonstrators Terry Bendall (lower) and Hywel Rees (above)

Philip Hall explains a point

John Brighton again

Tools of the trade

Showcase viewers, including Richard Hardwick of the South Yorkshire Area Group.

Ivan Smith, Peter Squibb and Brian Clarke in conversation

Research at Roger Carpenter's picture stall

Maindee East Engine Shed
(an unkind picture that doesn't do justice to the subject)

Viewers at Foxup

At the Scalefour Stores, with Jeremy and Pat Suter

"Ooooh, me back" – inspecting new product releases

John Chambers and Iain Rice

pic by Trevor Grout

Andrew Jukes ponders

pic by Trevor Grout

With Bill Bedford gone walkabout, Ted Scannell mans Bill's stand, and is greeted by James Moorhouse

pic by Trevor Grout

Gotta be better than watching golf on the telly...

Sunday after the show ends...
the King is dead, long live the King!

how Alan Gibson's 8-minute record for getting out of the carpark was beaten by the upstarts from The Engine Shed

pics in this section by Trevor Grout

16.32 hours: Dave Haswell deploys one of his troops (yours truly) in the packing race

16.38 hours: taken from the rear of Andy Neil's limo vrooming out of the carpark, Dave Haswell and his Engine Shed teamsters claim the crown!

 © Russ Elliott and Trevor Grout

28 September 2006
updated 11 April 2008 (to add identification of Richard Hardwick)
updated 28 March 2010 (to add identification of Ivan Smith)