Ivatt Class 2MT 2-6-0

by Simon Dunstall

This was built from a Comet kit and various bits. Transfers are all HMRS except for the BR motif which is Fox. The main mods on the kit are the scratchbuilt (working) valve-spindle and spindle-guides, footplate piping, lengthened chimney (to match the later Swindon type), Maygib buffers, cab details (invisible!), lots of general filling/filing/fitting of the cast boiler, scratchbuilt strap steps (using the step sections from the wonky Comet lost-wax castings), heavily-modified injectors (chop of Comet parts, plus lots of K&S), and lengthening of tender-cab windows. Tender is split frame and CSB, loco is conventional rigid-axle plus twin-beam compensation. Alan Gibson wheels, Mashima 1624 motor and Branchlines 38:1 ML gearbox.

The loco is in the queue for weathering, so it won't look this neat for long!

© Simon Dunstall

January 2006