"Why don't we do it in the road..."

This was Peter Wilson's territory, and this sequence of pictures, taken over a period covering mid-1997 to early 1999, shows how the 'road board' has been progressing. There's a long way to go yet. Peter had been a sworn 'metal-only modeller' for many years until he discovered the delights of plasticard. Russ Elliott made the red plasticard guttering and demarcation brick lines between the 'railway' and the 'public' parts of the pavement, but Peter insisted on cutting and laying all the paving stones individually. It kept him quiet for a few months... this finescale lark isn't quick.

The drains, manhole covers, and telephone boxes are from Langley etches or kits. The cobbled section, just outside the entrance to the goods platform, is by Kibri, and sold as 'Z-gauge stone walling' (Kibri sheet number 6910).

The tea hut is being scratchbuilt in plasticard by Russ Elliott.

Typical. Half-laid pavement and no workmen in sight

Hello how did that Jag get there?

Telephone kiosks temporarily in place to see if they fit in with the scene

Don't know where the workmen are but a nice job

Now for the guttering

Plinths for the telephone boxes

Brick walls are recessed into slots

The entrance to the station

Road edging

Manhole cover, gutter, and drain

Laying paving slabs

Tea hut, as yet without a proper roof, in plasticard

We're hoping to get a shiny tea urn in the hut one day

Another view of the tea hut.

© Russ Elliott

May 1999