View of platelayers' hut

Platelayers' hut

by Russ Elliott

This is a Roxey Mouldings kit of an LNER prototype, built as intended except that the top layer of the roof was badly moulded, and was replaced by a 65.5 mm x 45.25 mm rectangle of 15 thou plasticard. Brian Kirby painted the model in 'Hornby Dublo' concrete (i.e. cream) with a green door. He also put some graffiti on the model, and the roof weathering was achieved by putting a layer of Indian ink of the roof base colour, and then spraying over with cellulose thinners – this process cracks and craves the surface in a realistic manner. The model was built in the summer of 1994.

The sandbin is also from a Roxey Mouldings kit.

Graffiti on the hut is in keeping with the style of the mid-1960s

© Russ Elliott

May 1999